NCAA Tournament Challenge

Another year, another challenge! Do you have what it takes to create a winning bracket? It is time to prove it! Join the crew of Heartland Bowhunter and see if you can pick the best NCAA tournament bracket. Signing up is quick and easy. Visit Create a bracket. Join the group named Heartland Bowhunter TV. The top three entries will receive prizes. The tournament starts in just a couple of days so sign up soon! NOTE: Each participant is limited to 3 entries. Anyone with more than 3 entries will not be eligible for prizes. Feel free to invite your family and friends!

1st Place Prizes– Trophy Ridge Micro Hit-Man 5 bow sight, HB6 DVD, and Black HB  Trucker Hat.

2nd Place Prizes– Trophy Ridge Torsion Quiver (Black), HB6 DVD, and BlackHB Trucker Hat.

3rd Place Prizes– 6-pack of NAP HB Quickfletch arrow wraps/fletchings, HB6 DVD, and Black HB Trucker Hat.

Good luck to everyone!