I have been in Arizona nearly the whole summer far away from the heartland and fresh cut grass, crop fields, small towns, rain, clouds, fishing, and deer! I’ve definitely missed MO but this trip sure has been fun and full of adventure! My wife is finishing up her 9 week clinical for physical therapy school shortly and we’ll be headed back to good ol’ Missouri. We have stayed with my parents and have really enjoyed our time with them and my sisters.

Now to why I am really writing this blog post… I have been around my Dad all Summer and I have never seen him so excited to go on a hunting trip in my life. If I had a dollar for every time he mentioned the “North Dakota Trip”… I would be rich. I don’t know what it is about this year that has him all fired up, but I’m loving it! Maybe it’s because he was on the first episode of HB4 🙂 He bought his plane ticket and tags months ago and cleared the work schedule for the first 7 days of the ND season. I can’t wait to get up in a tree and try to repeat what we did last season at Central Dakota Lodge! Are we there yet?