Nick and I spent the week in Wyoming at Table Mountain Outfitters competing in the Campbell Cameras Challenge.  The week was a ton of work and we only slept about 10 hours in four days but man was it productive.  We won three of the four production elements and took first place for the event.  We also put HB in first overall for the circuit!  Nick made two incredible shots heart shooting his antelope at 30 yds and double lunging his buck at 63 yds!  I’m still pulling cactus out of my feet and my quads are still reminding me that I spent a great deal of time walking like a duck sneaking up on bedded bucks.  We had an awesome guide and we want to thank Doug for working so hard to put us on a good mature Wyoming Mulie.  Skyler and Clayton are heading to Illinois in November for the final event for this year.  I hope HB can bring home the gold for the 2011 Challenge!

I hope everyone is ready for a great season!  Matt White