Shawn, Skyler and I met up this morning at my place and decided to set up where we have been seeing some gobblers the past few days. We got out there early and found a big cedar in a perfect spot and after a trimming some limbs we were good to go. We knew that the birds weren’t roosting too close, but it wasn’t long before Shawn spotted some hens coming around the corner. Not far behind them was a big gobbler. He rounded the corner and came running in, but threw his e-brake at about 50 yards and looked around then walked back to the hens strutting. About that time a bearded hen turned the corner and all the hens came right into the decoys. The gobbler was starting to budge and head toward us when the hens decided they wanted to join back up with him. Shawn gave me the green light to shoot the bearded lady and the rest is history! None of us had ever shot a bearded hen before and the cool part is I have some trail cam pictures of her from last summer!