With the summer months quickly starting to come to an end, the bucks are finally starting to finish up growth on their headgear.  The HB crew has been putting out bag after bag of BB2 on all of our farms.  We started putting the golden blend out in early March and have continued since then.  I figured with the season quickly approaching here in Missouri and the law stating that we will have to stop putting it out if we intend to hunt in that area, I would do a little experiment.  Is this Big and J product really more appetizing (to a deer of course) than just a plain, old bag of whole corn that I pickup at the feed store?  The answer…IMO yes!  Of course, they did eat some of the corn but when it came down to the fact of the matter, the BB2 was almost gone in one day where the corn was only 30% consumed.  Unfortunately, my card was full after the first day so I need to keep up with my experiment.  I’m honestly impressed by the power of attractant that BB2 has brought to the table!

The corn is on the left….BB2 on the right!