With some of us already in the turkey woods and a lot of us headed out in the next couple weeks, I thought I’d share a new thing that we are doing here to get ready.  We’re wahsing all our turkey hunting clothes in Dead Down Wind’s Laundry Detergent…..no, they havent all the sudden gained a keen sense of smell (thank goodness!).  They just still have the same amazing eyesight as always.  

See a turkey process colors in a differnt fashion than most other animals.  They can actually detect differnt shades of colors that we see as primary’s……such as blue.   Given that, using the DDW Laundry detergent is a huge step in making your camo more effective this Spring…..it has UV Blockers in it.  By wahing your clothes in the UV blocked detergent you are eliminating that ‘glow’ that clothing without gives off, and this my friend matters in the turkey woods as much or more than in the deer woods!  It’s nice seeing DDW bringing us products that are applicable for all hutning seasons!