It seems this spring things have been really getting busy with land management projects.  One thing always leads to the next and the checkoff sheet seems to get more things added than checked off.  I guess that really doesn’t matter as long as the land we are responsible for is always moving towards being a better habitat.  This year the work started with burning off all CRP, moved to re seeding all CRP because the contract was renewed, and now Nick had the brilliant idea of planting over a half mile shelterbelt three layers deep!  Watering a few tiny trees requires a bucket.  Watering hundreds requires a big one!  In fact a 1500 gallon bucket that sits on top wheels.  So Nick and I spent the evening putting water to roots.  Me sitting on an old cracked vinyl seat grinding gears and trying to imagine all the people that have looked through this windshield and Nick walking behind the truck hollering at a distracted driver who was daydreaming 🙂  We can’t wait to watch these trees grow right alongside our children.  Speaking of children Nick will have his first anyday now!  He will soon be surrounded by even more new things.  800 new trees, 80 acres of new CRP, 1 BRAND NEW BABYGIRL!, and one very abrupt new perspective on life!:)   Hope everyone is having a great spring.

Matt White