The story ends on Too Tall Ten. Unfortunately we were not the ones to close the book, but it was fun while it lasted. Here is a short bit of history on him.

Larry and I first got a picture of him in 2007 and decided he needed one more year to get to 4 1/2. We were happy to see in 2008 that he had made it through and was able to put on a few more inches of bone. He did not quite make the jump the we had hoped for, but was still put on the hit list.

Larry and I knew he was in the area and decided to wait till the time was right to hunt a set we thought we stood a good chance in. I went in about a week ago and put 3 mock scrapes out by the set with a camera over one of them. Oct 26th we slipped in on a morning hunt with perfect weather conditions. To our amazement we did not see a deer. After we left the stand we checked the camera and found some pictures of Too Tall Ten 20 yards from the set at 9:00AM on the 21st. I sure do wish we could have been in the stand that Tuesday morning.

We had heard some news that a friend of ours had shot a buck that also hunts the same property. Sure enough we stopped by his house to see the buck and it turned out to be Too Tall Ten. Congrats to Joel Tucker on his biggest buck ever. He was one proud hunter.