After passing on several nice bucks this season and handing my bow off to a couple good friends on two 4yr olds I decided I had waited long enough. I had been hunting the Scendero Buck hard and decided to give him a break one morning. We did not have a good wind for the set I had been seeing him in so Wes and I chose to hunt a set that I had not been in for a month. I was not really expecting to much that morning, but to my surprise we had a great encounter with a buck I had not seen on the hoof for two years and it ended with a nice 9pt on the ground…..boy does it finally feel great to put one down.

A good friend of mine Andy Gilliland also shot a nice buck the morning before I killed mine. After 5 years of eating buck tags he was long over due and shot a nice 8pt we had nicknamed 8ball…..way to finally get that monkey off your back Andy.

Andy’s 8pt