This morning was a good one! Shawn and I have been at it hard and are starting to see a lot of buck activity. We had barely gotten settled in this morning when I looked over my shoulder and spotted a coyote coming right at us. He got about 15 yards away and spotted Shawn reaching for his bow. He then jumped across the creek and circled us but was walking down a log only 20 yards away. Shawn drew back, stopped him and let it fly! The arrow smacked him right behind the shoulder and he only went about 10 yards before he piled up. Not too long after that we had some does move through, then Shawn decided to do a light rattling sequence with a few grunts. Right as he was setting down the horns,  spotted movement in front of us. Shawn said “It’s a buck” and i got on him with the camera. Turns out it was a huge bodied 4 year old that we have been watching all summer with a funky rack. He came right through several shooting lanes at 25 yards and then caught our wind and was outta there! He’s one smart deer! After that we saw several other does and small bucks. We ended up seeing 8 does and 2 bucks total…good to see the big boys are on their feet!