Over the last few years we have been dying to hang a set in the core bedding area of one of our farms. The problem has always been there really isn’t a good tree for a set so we never pursued anything there. Then one day the light came on. USE THE SILO! At first it was a funny what if conversation. Then another year passed watching tons of deer walking right past that spot and the frustration got the best of us. We took the bull by the horns and compiled all the necessary materials. We used old telephone poles to support the 16 foot circular deck we built inside. Next was the roof and after a little help from an engineer with design we used old power pole cross members and built a 16 foot octagon and sheeted it with metal roofing. One giant boom truck and a beautiful day later and the blind is done! Now all that’s left is the hunting plot that will surround it and we should be spying on whitetails from a fortress 🙂