I went out last night with the hopes of roosting some birds. I was able to get to a great vantage point and put 3 toms to sleep. The best part was they were all by themselves! Mike and I showed up this morning and they were gobbling in the roost. We didn’t have to wait long before one of the three birds showed up. He strutted anywhere between 15-30 yards away from us for over 30 minutes! He was just too far to the right of the decoys and I could not get a shot off because of our set up. In the mean time, the other two gobblers worked their way over to us and ran the strutter off. They then went straight for the decoy. I settled my pin on the aggressive strutting gobbler and I let one fly! He went down in a hurry. It was a really cool hunt that ended up going as planned!

Clayton is in town to hunt tomorrow morning so hopefully we are back with more good stories to share!