Went out to check the reconyx after the rain quit today and was pleasantly surprised! A buck that we call Sunny showed up for his first appearance. This is a very unique buck in that he is very tight racked for a whitetail. Last year as a three year old he had great tine length and already sported a 5×5 rack so we knew that he could be good if he got the chance to live old enough. He looks like he is finding plenty to eat because holy cow he has put on some mass in a single season! He has a long ways to go before his rack is done too! He is now four years old and has been upgraded to the shooters list. But I’ve to say that there is a piece of me that hopes we never come face to face this year because I would love to see what he turns into as a fully mature 6 to 7 year old buck. I can see a bunch of trash and a world of mass in his future!

Sunnny as a three year old.

Sunny and his three year old friend.