It’s funny how a chance conversation can turn into an incredible experience.  It was such a conversation that landed us kneeling on the frozen ground by Wichita sorrounded by geese with cold fingers wrapped around a destroyer and new friends I’m sure wondering if these guys can really kill geese with a bow.  The question was quickly answered when the first bird landed at 43 yds and a trophy ridge shaft was put in the 12 ring!  The shot was immediately followed by hollering and high fives and we immediately felt like we have hunted with our new buddies our whole lives.  After that first lone bird the morning was a blur of decoying large groups and plenty of misses.  These guys sure know how to decoy geese.  We did end up with three bow kills and multiple gun kills.  I’m quite sure that goose hunting with a bow might have just become one of my favorite things to do in the archery world!  We can’t thank Randy Young enough for his invitation and all the hard work he has put in this season to land us in a prime spot.  I also need to apologize for the two decoys that have star shaped holes in them now 🙂