I have been hard after this buck I have a lot of history with that I named the scendero buck. I decided at the beginning of this season that it was pretty much him or bust. Of course there were a couple shooters on other farms that I would not pass on, but most of my season would be spent pursuing this elusive buck. Finally, after not seeing him during the past two seasons he finally showed his face during daylight hours. Unfortunately for me both times he has been in bow range and managed to escape without me releasing an arrow. With two months remaining I can only hope I get a chance to finish this 5 year quest of watching him grow.

I can’t really complain about my season so far. I have taken 46 sets and seen 239 deer. And the rutting action has been awesome. I was also fortunate enough to be with 2 of my good friends when they took a couple nice bucks. Getting to share those hunts with them was just as fun as taking one myself. The 1st buck was a nice 9pt my good friend Wes Cooper killed. The 2nd buck I have a bit of history with. He is a 4.5yr old that I have a sheds to and trail cam pics of. My good friend Eric Bolenbaugh from N.C. shot this buck on his last morning here…..his biggest buck ever!

 Eric and his 140 inch 8pt “Clean 8”

Wes and his 130 inch 9pt.