There is a deer that I had been hunting all season long.  I had pictures of the deer in 2008 as a 3 year old along with numerous photos this year.  I had posted pictures on here earlier this year, calling the deer “Mr. Nocturnal.”  Mike and I had hunted him quite a bit but were never fortunate enough to get him.  I knew he had survived the MO rifle because the neighbor had trail camera pictures of the deer.  We put in plenty of time trying to kill him late season but stopped getting pics of him and never saw him.  With the season ending and shed season starting we put in hours looking for his sheds…to find nothing.  We then started wondering if he was still alive or just not living on our farm.

Then, about two weeks ago, my dad, (Rex) received an email from a guy that hunts down the road.  It was a picture of the bucks head in the back of a truck.  The picture looked a little suspicious so I notified the local game warden, Travis Goreham.  Travis investigated the situation and come to find out the deer was “found dead,” whereas I thought he may have been poached.   The head was confiscated by the game warden since he wasn’t tagged properly.  I called Travis yesterday to go look at the head.  Mike and I went over to take a look and I snapped a few pics.  We didn’t put a tape on him but I would imagine he scores around 160.  It’s kind of a bad deal but it goes to show how fast things can spread through the internet.