I went out with Bethany two nights ago with the hopes of getting her first buck with a bow. Long story short, we had a wide 2 year old 8 point come in at last light and she missed. Bethany and I just couldn’t get on the same page and the deer was facing us nearly the whole time until it was under the tree. It was a great learning experience for the both of us. Last night we headed back to the same tree looking for redemption. Eventually a doe stepped into the field at 60 yards. She had us pegged from the very beginning because she totally caught us off guard. But… she just had to investigate what was in the tree. After stomping and blowing several times and going back and forth… she got too close one last time. I stopped her at 30 yards and Bethany let it fly. It was a perfect heart shot and she only made it 30 yards before piling up. It is Bethany’s 2nd deer with a bow. We are still after her first buck!