Yesterday Skyler, Ty, and myself met up with Skyler’s uncle Randy, his son Brock, and his friend Larry for what was easily one of the best goose hunts I have ever been on. Killing 5 limits with a gun is a good day…with a bow, I consider it one heck of an accomplishment!

Flock after flock poured in on us for hours landing anywhere from 10-30+ yards. We started off the morning with some great shooting and after loosing a few arrows we had one more bird to shoot. Only one problem – Randy was out of arrows! We all searched the snow for buried arrows and it didn’t take long to find one of Randy’s. About that time we all sprinted back to the tree row and started calling. Minutes later we had a big fat honker land a meer 15 yds from us. One well placed shot later we were all celebrating the end of a truly memorable hunt. What a morning!