Clayton, Skyler, Mike and I drove up to our friend Brad Burditt’s family farm this weekend.  The turkey hunting was a little harder and a little different than what we are used to.  There wasn’t a shortage of timber up there!  All of us weren’t used to tracking them down in the timber and trying to get on them but we somehow got a bird on our last hunt.  Mike and I set up in a cattle pasture while Clayton and Skyler sat in a lower  pasture.  With Skyler and Clayton not even hearing a gobble this morning…our luck was a little better.  We managed to call in 3 toms and I sent a trophy ridge right through one.  It was a great time as always and can’t wait to hang out with you all again!  Here are a combination of some pics that Clayton and I took.  Thanks again Brad for letting us come up, hunt your turkeys and eat your amazing food.