Just got into Colorado today after spending the past week or so with Deer Meadows Outfitters in Nebraska……I rarely get caught off gaurd with a hunt, but this one definately did that!  This hunt was an absolute blast!  We spent the week spot and stalking mulies in the sand hills of NW Nebraska and saw some unbelieveable terrain and more importantly, some HUGE mule deer!  No joke, we saw 12 or more deer over 175″ this past week with the top dog REAL close to that 200 mark!  Dont want to spoil the episode, but I’ll tell you that we were inside of 25 yards on 2 deer that would go over 180 (24 on one and 10 on the other!)but just couldnt get the camera on them well enough to take the shot.  We ended up with a good buck, but could have had several great bucks if we could figure out how to get the camera in position a little easier.  Anyone looking for a mule deer hunt has got to call Scott and Jeremy at Deer Meadows…over the counter tag and some unbelieveable deer hunting!  I’m booked for every year from now till I cant walk anymore! – Jeff S.