Chad and I had enough…  Last night we had a really nice 10 (160+) out in the beans all night and he waited till it was just dark enough to not see with the camera before he proceeded to make a b-line to the stand just to pose there at 7 yards broadside.  Even though I had plenty of legal light to shoot….it doesnt count if the camera cant see him!   Let him walk and slipped back in there tonight to see if we couldnt see him 5 minutes quicker.

It wasnt quite as cold tonight (20* vs 4* the night before) but we still saw 40+ deer.  Got to the end of the evening and big boy hadnt showed, so we let the air out of another doe.  It was Chads first kill behind the camera and he did a great job on the footage.  Here are a few pics from the day:

Stuck in a ditch on our way out to hunt……made us just a hair late.

No antlers, but still a prize