For the first time in several years I am tagged out in Missouri. It has been a great season for the team so far this year, but it seemed like my luck just wasn’t quite what it usually is. I shot a great 8pt in early November, but had been hunting numerous days before and after with very little luck.

Typically after rifle season when the rut starts to wind down in Missouri we tend to get somewhat discouraged. This year was a little different though because Shawn and I really busted our tails this summer planting more food than we ever had before. Having several acres of standing crops tends to help put the odds in our favor, especially when the temperatures drop.

After checking cameras on the 8th, I knew exactly where we needed to go that afternoon. We barely had a chance to settle in before deer showed up in the beans and one of them was a shooter that we have quite a bit of history with. “Daddy Fat Sack” was a 4 year old 8pt with an unusually large “manhood”. His issue had caused him to grow a less than desirable rack two years in a row, so this year he made the hitlist.

We have had several encounters with him over the past two seasons, so it was nice to finally close the deal. There is plenty of food left and the weather is just starting to get good, so I have a feeling we have a lot of good hunting to look forward to. Unfortunately for me it will only be doe hunting, but I guess I really can’t complain!