Shawn and I got it done on the last day in Nebraska! After a slow, windy day 2 that brought in a huge cold front, we were very optimistic Monday morning. It was a cold, calm morning…the coldest one this year and i think it kinda snapped things into gear. At first light i picked up the horns and did some rattling. Right after i set them down here comes a nice young 7 point. He closed the distance to about 50 yards and i grunted him the rest of the way in. After not finding the source of all the ruckus, he moved off.

About 45 minutes later i decided to rattle again. This time, a little spike buck appeared in the bottoms curiously looking around. With a few grunts he was on his way and ended up right underneath our tree. I was watching Shawn video the small buck when i heard a deer coming from behind us. I turned around to see what looked like a big bodied deer coming through the ceders. Sure enough it was a shooter! I whispered “Shawn, Shawn, shooter!” careful not to spook the spike below us. Shawn whipped the camera around as cautiously as possible just as a came to full draw. I stopped the buck at 18 yards right before he got down wind of us, held right behind his shoulder and released. The shot was perfect. He ran about 15 yards, stopped and turned around to see what had just happened. His legs started getting shaky and he took off down the hill crashing to his death at the bottom, a mere 60 yards away from the tree.

Shawn and I had brought it down to the wire and scored on our last day, it was a great day to be in the woods!