After coming so close to sealing the deal the first time in Nebraska, we just had to go back! My good friend Joel and I packed our bags and headed north to Nebraska to meet up with Dusty and try to fill my tag. The weather was rough, especially for camping but we managed to get it done on the last day!

We saw this bird the evening before strutting in an alfalfa field so we stopped and talked to the farmer for a little while. He said that they are there almost every morning and every evening so we slipped in early the next morning and set up. The birds ended up being roosted a couple hundred yards away, but they flew down and started feeding our way. Unfortunately the hens pulled the big gobbler the other way out of sight. Not too long after that we heard him gobbling hard and figured that the hens might have left him. After a couple soft calls we knew he was on his way as he sounded off in the timber behind us. He came straight into the decoy and strutted up against it, but never would attack it. After about a minute i let the arrow fly and put him down right there in his tracks. He is a good bird. 22 lbs. 1.25″ spurs and 11″ beard. I was so pumped to seal the deal the day before the Missouri opener.

Unfortunately, this morning for the MO opener, our gobbler flew down and walked right across the field only to get blasted by the neighbors shotgun. Hopefully we have better luck tomorrow! Garrett and Maggie from Elite will be in this weekend with us so check back for an update!