Shawn and I are back from hunting with Jason Smith up in Iowa and unfortunately I was unable to fill my tag this trip up. I had a great hunt and saw a bunch of nice deer. I passed several bucks in the 125-140 range and had two close call with a buck that Jason calls ‘Captain Hook’, but i guess luck was on his side! The rut was going crazy and bucks were cruising and chasing does all over the place. Although I didn’t have any luck, Jason was fortunate enough to catch up with an awesome Iowa buck on Tuesday morning. Hopefully the action will still be hot when I make it back up there later this month. Here are a few pictures from the trip…maybe next time!


Loess Hills

Loess Hills

No Trespassing


‘Captain Hook’ looking at the decoy as I was at full draw settling in. Just as I was about to pull the trigger he decided to walk and when i tried to stop him again he trotted off, breaking my heart…

Captain Hook

‘Captain Hook’ – Velvet

Captain Hook - Velvet

Jason’s Iowa Buck

Jason's Buck