The Iowa saga really took a turn for the fun tonight……first off we smashed a big Iowa slickster tonight.  She was 25 yards and got double lunged by the good ole Elite and G5 Striker Magnum!  Once we got her home, Mike (with Straight Arrow) was in camp from Missouri.  After saying hello and giving him a hard time about his miss last season (on a GIANT), meeting his wife Ashley and all that fun stuff…he broke out trail cam pics of a deer they saw from a stand we were in last night.  Turns out, this is the buck we had bedded on us all day back on Monday!  All I can say is we REALLY undersized him!  I’ve attached some trail cam pics of this deer over the summer.  He’s going to gross in that 175+ range…..complete stud!


Needless to say, we are headed back into his bedroom in the AM………with rattling antlers in tow!