Chad is in town to hunt with me and man….he brought some bad weather with him! lol  We went out to the North MO farm and hung a new set in the pouring rain.  Our thoughts were to set up the stand sit as long as we could stand it and get out of there.  Well we were covered up with deer and ended up sitting till dark.

About 4:30 and we had a new shooter that I’ve never seen before show his face….a big 9 with a ton of mass and great brows.  I’d put him at 155-160.  Short story is he came to 40, I shot and about 5 yards in front of him the arrow hit a limb and it skipped up…sailing right over his back.  That just stinks.  He didnt even really spook, so hopefully we can get in there and see him again tomorrow.  There was lots of great sign in this new spot, he may not be the only shooter in there.

Good luck to all and if you are sitting in the rain like we were today…..DO NOT tuck your pants in your boots! I had about an inch of water in my boots by the time we were done.  Bad deal.  The rest of me was dry and warm.  My downpour Goretex Sitka suit performed flawlessly!

Aim Small, Miss Small Limbs

Jeff S.