With the grass turning green, trees budding out, and birds gobbling…one of the few things on our mind is a whitetail.   We are five months away from the Whitetail opener in Missouri and the bucks have been running around rackless for only a month or two.   With that being said, it is time (actually we are a little late) to start chumming those bucks up with Big and J’s “BB2,” so they can sport a nice, healthy, velvet rack this coming summer.   BB2 is a nutritional deer supplement and powerful attractant that the HB Crew just started using this year.  Although most of us have turkey birds on our mind, we are excited to see what kind of bone our whitetails will put on this coming Spring/Summer.  Mike and I built turkey blinds today along, with throwing up a Reconyx on a big pile of BB2.  Can’t wait to see what we get pics of…maybe a big ole’ tom will come in and get him a little nutrition LOL!