I was fortunate enough share a hunt with Dr. Grant Woods from GrowingDeer.tv yesterday evening. After meeting Grant earlier this summer and attending his field day last month, we decided to try and get together on a hunt this fall. We were planning on doing something sometime in October, but it just some happened that Grant was able to stop by on his way to KS to see if we couldn’t shoot a couple does. The wind was perfect for the Midwest Haybale Blind that I put up only a few days ago, so we jumped in it and watched the deer start pouring into the field. We were COVERED in deer, including several nice bucks, but of course the does kept their distance. We had a very close call with a 5.5 year old management buck I call half-rack. This is a deer that, as long as I have known him, has only had half a rack. Last year at 4.5 he had a pretty strong right side, but this year he even got smaller. If given the opportunity, I was going to take him. He managed to slip around us without giving me a shot when Skyler could get the camera on him. Shortly after that encounter, Skyler looked out the side window and said “Guys, doe….5 yards”. Sure enough this doe fed RIGHT NEXT to the blind for another 3-4 minutes occasionally looking our direction. Our hearts were all pounding..talk about intense! Finally she started walking out in front of the blind and gave Grant a shot and he laid the smack down on her! It was a blast spending time in the blind with Grant and Skyler and I hope we can do it again soon! This hunt will be featured on next weeks episode of GrowingDeer.tv. Grant is headed to KS now to scout and hunt a new piece of property that he has never been on. Good luck Grant!


Grant – Field Day at The Proving Grounds 2010

Midwest Haybale Blind – Worked like a charm!

Grant’s Doe