Mike, Skyler and I traveled to Branson, MO to Dr. Grant Woods farm for his annual Field Day.  We toured his farm he calls “The Proving Grounds.”  We spent most of the day learning how to grow healthy whitetails in harsh conditions.  Grant’s entire property is covered in rock and has not had rain in months!  Grant purchased his property of 1500 acres eight years ago and claims there were only a couple deer on the property when he purchased it.  Now, he has provided a healthy habitat with a large amount of food and has over 20 bucks that are 4 years or older on the property that he has Reconyx pictures of.  We all learned a great deal about Whitetails and how to limit the amount of stress on them in order to grow larger racks.   We also got to hang out with Larry Kendall, his wife G (owners of Muddy Outdoors) and  T.J. from Reconyx.  It was a weekend well spent and plan to attend the event next year!  Check out Grant’s site @ http://www.growingdeer.tv.