So today was a great day!  I got word that a buck we call Tallboy has fallen to Clayton! Skyler and Clayton REALLY deserved a break this season.  They have hunted hard and really had some unreal encounters.  Its nice to get the call on Tallboy!  Congrats guys and I cant wait to see the pics!

On another note, we are getting things ready tonight for our annual Thanksgiving hunt with my Uncle.  We are heading into the same spot that he killed his buck on Episode 1.  He’s excited……to say the least!  🙂

Last thing, we headed out to scout the area that I have a conservation tag on starting Dec 6th and saw the giant 8 that we have velvet footage from this summer.  He’s not broke up and he didnt lose any inches without velvet!!!  He’s HUGE!  I am guessing him at 165-170 as an 8!  Man……if only we can get a crack at that guy here in the coming weeks…….


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!