It has been a while since Larry or I have sent a post so I thought I would fill everyone in on what we have been up to this season thus far.

Larry’s Daughter Makayla started off the youth season with her first turkey ever!


Larry was one proud father


Opening day has always been a tradition for Larry, our father, and myself to go turkey hunting. The past few years has ended up with no bird on the ground. This year dad said he was not going to let that happen again. He made a great shot and put down a jake.


Last friday Larry and I took my daughter and my mom to see if my daughter Alexa could get her first turkey. It was a bitter sweet morning when she got the taste of what it was like to miss. (She did shave some feathers off the back of his neck and back).Luckily my mom was backing her up and put him down. I will remember this hunt forever.


Opening weekend Larry took Chad (the HB official taxidermist) out along with his father Emil. They were only here for two days and that is all Larry needed to get them each a bird. Congrats to Chad and Emil.

Emil’s 1st tom!


Chads bow kill