So Craig and I went driving around here in SE Iowa tonight to check out some deer.  Got some great pics and saw a lot of deer out tonight.  Once I got back to the house I went over the pic of a decent buck we saw tonight.  At first we both noticed tonight that his coat was looking like it should in September, then I started looking him over on the computer and noticed he is clean as a whistle, hard horned!  I guess its not completly that rare, but I think this is the earliest I’ve ever seen one out of velvet.  Here’s the pics from tonight….


Only thing better would be if it was John Deere green…


Craig got lippy, so I had to bale him….


This is the first pic of the hard horn…


Hard to see, but you can tell from the coat what deer he is…..(middle)


One of my favorite pics from this summer now…


Jeff S.