This post is very humbling to write.  Not only have Skyler and I been whopped during the rut in Missouri and Kansas we have been struggling to fill our doe tags during this late season.  It was almost laughable at first thinking about our lack of success over the last few years, and how it was going to change, but now in late December and all of our tags in our pockets just hurts.  It has been a great season for HB and Skyler and I patiently awaited our turn as every other team member punched their tags but that time never came.  It is not due to a lack of effort and our friendship has strengthened over the season with plenty of laughter in the tree.

Getting close to the holidays will hurt our chances of hunting together and capturing any hunts on video so our faces on Season 4 will be few and far between, but we don’t plan on going down without a fight!!  There are a few weeks left and we will stick it out to the bitter end.  Looking back at the deer season, I get a smile that is hard to wipe away as I think about sharing time in the deer woods with my daughter without being the hunter.  After 3 nights of close calls during the youth season my daughter connected on her first trigger pull.