Trevor and I are headed back from Ohio and unfortunately my tag is still in my pocket. We hunted hard for 6 days and just simply didn’t have any luck. I was hunting with friends Corey Lemaster and Tyler and Troy Devolld who have some great ground and tons of good bucks on camera, but for some reason we couldn’t seem to catch up with any of them. We hunted 10 sits and only saw one shooter (the first night) and a 120″ 8pt on Day 5. Seems like we were the only ones not having any luck as the other guys in camp were laying them down left and right. Corey even passed two 140 type bucks this morning. I guess we should have hunted where he was! Overall we had a great time and you never know….we might make it back out there late season to try and fill the tag!

Buckwheat – The buck that almost made a fatal mistake on the first night