I’m not quite sure how to even tell this story and do it justice so here goes.  It begins with a husband, a wife, an unborn child and a buck called stickers.  Sounds like a fairytale, well it kinda is.  A last minute decision gave birth to a story that will be extremely special to tell a child in a couple years.  Then when the child I’m speaking of doesn’t believe the story he can be promptly showed the footage for proof!  When Nick decided to take advantage of a rare evening when him and Dessirae could hunt together he probably had no idea that it would end with sneaking up on a hit list buck named “Stickers” and Dessirae harvesting her second archery buck and all on film, and if you haven’t figured it out yet Dessirae is four months pregnant 🙂  I guess in the White Family it is never to early to get into the woods and start enjoying the outdoors!  We are so happy that Nick, Dessirae, and ???? have already experienced a family hunt 🙂  Matt W.