Shawn and I have been at it pretty hard this season so far with not a whole lot of luck. Third day of season we had a big 10 come in right at last light so we had to let him walk since the video wasnt very good. Since then we have had trouble getting on the bucks and decided that it was time to take some does off the farm as well as build some confidence. After we got off work Friday, we quickly headed to the stand and got set up overlooking our foodplots (Biologic Maximum and buck forage oats). We barely had a chance to set up when we had a big group of does heading our way. One came in and turned broadside at about 30 yards and I let her have it. The shot was right on the mark and she ran about 80 yards out in the field and dropped. The other does scattered so while we had a chance Shawn and I switeched up. 3 of the does then started feeding back in the foodplot and gave Shawn a good shot. He smoked her and she ran out in the field about 90 yard and died right next to my doe! It was a good night and was a good way to keep us motivated. Were heading to the the big oak ridge in the morning to hunt some acorns. Hopefully we can get on a nice buck before we head to Illinois next week.