Team HB is opening up a search to potentially find a new team for the 2010 season.  With the late season of 2009 still in front of us, it gives you time to put together a video resume following the guidelines below!

Make no mistake, we want to kill mature animals every year on video, but more importantly we want to capture it in a way that shows why you love the sport of hunting/bowhunting as much as we do!  We are looking for a camera minded team that truly wants to learn and be exceptional! This is a great opportunity to be a part of a show that is being noticed for quality and real life bowhunting.  Best of luck to all that enter and I look forward to seeing what you’ve got!

– Jeff Simpson, Founder of Heartland Bowhunter

Requirements for video resume:

– For the resume, any video camera will do.  If selected, teams will have to be using a 3CCD HDV or better camera for field production.

– Video can be no longer than 5 minutes in total run time

– Each person must have face time as well as time spent behind the camera on this video

– Briefly tell us your story.  Who are you and why should we contact you about being part of Team HB?

– Include digital photos that you have taken that you feel represent the reason you love the outdoors.

Submissions must be sent on DVD to Heartland Bowhunter by February 1, 2010!

Heartland Bowhunter

10320 Perdue Road

Grain Valley, MO  64029

Thats all for round one!  Good luck and we look forward to seeing what you’ve got!