Shawn and I just recently returned from hunting down in KS with the White brothers for a few days. Things were pretty slow with the rut winding down and with the KS rifle season opening on Dec. 1, we didn’t stick around too long. We did have a couple encounters with a good 6.5 year old buck, but unfortunately we left empty handed.

After getting back from KS we checked the Reconyx cameras here in MO and were still seeing decent movement. We waited for the right wind, and last night Shawn and I slipped in to one of our haybale blinds. I have been getting pictures of this 5.5 year old cull buck that I call Half Rack and we thought we might have a good chance at him. He did show up right after sunset, but unfortunately he was on the other end of the field. He made it pretty clear that he wasn’t going to head our way, so when a doe stepped out at last light, Shawn and I switched up and he helped thin the herd!

“Half Rack”

We are going to stay after it these next few weeks and see if we cant catch up with ol’ Half Rack or one of the other bucks on our hit list as they start transitioning back to the food sources. You can also bet that we will continue to shoot does the rest of the season, as we are a little behind on our management program!