With the buck movement really slow here lately we found ourselves dying to  sit every change we get but sometimes it seems to be better to spend your time bettering your chances of future success.  Danny and I decided to take a morning and instead of hunting we hung a set on a new property that we are really excited about. The property isn’t huge only 80 acres but it has everything a mature buck would need to be happy.  Our set is perfectly placed where 8ft cattails neck down and hit the tree edge.   Luckily there was a perfect hedge tree right it needed to be but anyone who has ever hunt a set in a hedge tree knows that they make you earn your place in their canopy:)  Also the property owner keeps telling us about a giant that has been there for a couple years and he just kicked him up the other day while mowing!  I guess the reconyx will keep us informed 🙂

Matt W.