First off…..if you ever think about doing a spring bear hunt, do it as a spot and stalk!  Just my opinion, but its got to be the most exciting and challenging ways to take a bear.  We have been gone for 10 days in the backcountry of British Columbia with Michael Schneider of United Guide and Outfitter.  It was a great trip that was full of bear, wonderful food, great campfire stories from around the world and the birth of new friendships that I hope last a lifetime.

This was my first Canadian hunt and we couldnt have shared camp with a better crew.  We had friends from Germany, Switzerland and Canada in camp with us to share in the experiences of our hunt and time spent around camp.  The campsite was amazing.  We had 6 wall tents set up….the eating tent, the kitchen tent and then the sleeping tents.  The one thing about the eating tent….it seemed to be an endless source for some of the best food I’ve ever had!  Thank goodness you have a lot of terrain to walk it off or you would be gaining weight on the trip! (I still think  I may have).

Not wanting to get too long here I’ll just state that we spent a lot of time looking for bears and a lot of time stalking bears all over Michaels area.  We were catching them coming out of their winter sleep, so we concentrated on finding the food…..and without  a doubt that produced the bear.  Probably saw 35+ bear all together and stalked at least a dozen of them.  On the second to last day we connected on the boar shown below……for the rest….you’ll just have to wait for the last couple episodes this season and then give Michael a call to come do it yourself.  Maybe we’ll share a camp with you in Canada next season!

Michael Schneider – United Guide & Outfitter – (250) 964-0511