I try to introduce new faces to the outdoors any chance that I get. It is really rewarding to see others harvest their first animal, no matter the weapon, age, gender, etc. All that matters is someone new is getting involved in the outdoors when they may not have otherwise. The look on their face and excitement after a successful hunt is priceless. Sometimes I think that I am just as excited as they are. The last couple of years I have been real fortunate to help a few people harvest their first animals with a gun or bow. With all of that being said, yesterday I got a phone call that I had been waiting to receive all fall from my father in-law Jeff Morelock. He shot two turkeys with a bow and was so excited! You would have thought he shot a 150 inch deer. He had gone out so many times this season (his first season of bowhunting) and just never had any opportunities. It all finally came together for him yesterday morning when a flock of 10 turkeys approached his ground blind. He dropped the first bird at 20 yards, reloaded, and dropped another. The funny thing is he only brought two arrows with him and he went two for two! His first bow kills ever. The practice and patience finally paid off. Congrats again!