I’m  just getting here off a 19 hour drive home, so I’ll keep this short and sweet….  Season 3 has officially kicked off!  We hunted Spot-N-Stalk Antelope in the grassland of SD for a week with no luck sealing the deal, but saw some absolute giants and hunted hard with Clayton over at Miller Mathews Outfitters.  Saw 6-7 goats that would go Boone and Crockett, we just never had the cover to get close enough to get one down.  No worries, we’ll be back out there here in a few weeks to try and skewer some of those giant SD mulies we saw running around…..so stay tuned on that one.

Once we left SD we headed out to Montana for a Missouri River Breaks elk hunt.  I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a really long time and lets just sat it did’nt disappoint!  We were on some private ground with BD Ranch as well as some other ground through Western Skies Real Estate and words cant explain the amount of elk we saw.  I made the commitment to wait for a really big bull or a really old bull and so it was…..we got the really old bull.  Heres a pic of the 10+ year old that we put down in the breaks!