I’m so very happy and excited to say ATA and SHOT are now done with!  lol  Had a great time seeing everyone and meeting with our partners at the show, but man…..I am happy to be home!

Just to give a quick update on the partners that have commited to be a part of the HB family…..

Sitka Gear……we are REALLY excited to be working with these guys.  They have the most innovative and effective clothing this market has ever seen.  It’s built to hunt, built to last and is in every way the very best I’ve ever worn.  Just wait till you see some of the heated layers they have in store for 2009…..they will give you hours of more hunting in comfort next Fall and Winter!

Dead Down Wind……one of first ever supporters and a great partner.  These guys believe in us and we believe in them.  Really happy top keep things going with DDW now and for years to come!

Elite Archery…..man, what a bow!!  Shot the Z28 all this season and its just flat out a killer!  Peter and Garret at Elite are awesome to work with and we couldnt have a better bow partner! 

G5 Outdoors…..another top class partner!  We are all shooting the G5 rests, sights, nocks and of course broadheads.  Matt and the guys at G5 are innovators and leaders in the industry.  We join a really strong team of partners with G5 and have already logged a great season using their gear!

Victory Arrows…..Bartman!  General Manager Bart Lawhorn is a great guy and now a big part of the HB circle.  These arrows are made in the USA, are durable as heck, extremely straight and fly true…..what else could you want!

Hope everyone has had a great two weeks……I know I’m exhausted from hanging out with those nuts over at Buck Commander, so I’m headed to bed!  Gotta skewer some geese in the am!

Aim Small Miss Small  –  Jeff S.