My good friend Corey Dye, Shawn and I went out last night to try and do a litle “herd reduction.” The deer are way over-populated on our farm that we live on and need to be thinned out so all three of us got in a big tree overlooking the foodplot. We were just getting settled in as the farmer was finishing up cutting the hay in the field. We didn’t figure that the tractor would bother them too much and we were right. About 10 minutes after he left the field we had a group of turkeys come out feeding in the freshly cut hay. They fed to about 30 yards and Corey drew back and let one fly nearly smacking one of the hens. He was about 2 inches right of the bird. Then, about 20 minutes later here come the does, 12 of them to be exact, in the same place that had come last time we hunted this stand (when Shawn and I doubled). They slowly fed in the foodplot and started to head out further into the field so Corey knew he had to shoot quickly. He drew back and settled in on one at about 40 yards and released his arrow. He made a good shot and the deer took off and started getting crazy legs before she went out of sight. The other deer scatered not knowing what happened. As light started to fade i decided to bleat at them to maybe spark their curiosity and bring one into bow range for myself. One small doe was curious enought to come investiage and she ended up closing the distance to 18 yards. I drew, settled my pin in and release. Dang! Right over her back….i couldnt believe i choked on a chip shot! Oh well…there will be plenty more oportunities!

All in all it was a good night and definately a little different with 3 guys in the tree! We might be doing something similar tomorrow, only maybe 4 of us this time! 🙂 (its a big tree!)