The 2010 youth season started a little slow for us, but has really came on strong since Missouri’s regular season has opened. I took my daughter Alexa out during the youth season along with my son Hunter, and my daughters best friend Bess. We had 7 different hens come in, but never did see any toms or jakes. As you can see below there was a lot of down time in the blind for the kids to practice some crazy face painting.

We decided to do something a little different for the MO regular season opener and man was it exciting. You will have to watch next seasons episode to see what it was. The birds were not gobbling very good on the roost that morning, but after watching this field for the past week I knew it would not be long before we would have some action. Not long after daybreak we had some birds gobbing and heading our way. Three toms ended up in the decoys in no time at all and it was not long before one was on the ground.

I went out with my father and brother-in-law on the third day of season and I started to see a trend. Once again the birds were not talking much, but I knew they were in the area. In fact we did not hear a bird gobble all morning. I was beat from working all night and decided to catch a little nap in the blind about 10:00. After I woke up at 11:00 I snuck out of the blind to check another field behind us and sure enough there were three stutters with a jake at 250 yds. I closed within 100 yds of them and started some soft calling. Once I had them headed my way I dropped down in a creek and back tracked calling off and on until I reached the blind. It was not 5min after I got back in the blind that the three toms came in and dad wrecked one.

As you seen on the previous post Skyler and I went out this morning and once again had three toms come in. (Congrats again Skyler) I am not sure what the deal is this season with all the toms hanging out together, but it sure is nice to see a lot of birds. Although, it makes it pretty tough getting drawn back with that many eyes on us. Hopefully here soon we can get out again and Larry can put one down. I am going out with my Mom and daughter here in the next couple days if the weather holds out, so I hope our luck continues.

I hope everyone else’s season is going as good as ours….good luck hunting,