Larry and I checked one of our camera a few days ago and found a very nice suprise. Now lets just see if we can capitalize on one of them.

Some of you might remember this buck from this years HBTV. Larry had an encounter with the Slick 10 last year in late November when I was running the camera.  That was the first and last time we had seen him until this past week when we got a couple trail cam pics over a mock scrape. It looks as though he might have lost a few inches, but is still an exceptional whitetail. Hopefully we can get a crack at him before season is out.slick-10-2007-and-2008

This buck is one we have never seen before. Take a look at the head on this stud. He looks like a tank. I doubt many bucks mess with this guy.november-2008-1

If that does not give us a 2nd wind to keep at it I don’t know what wil. Only month left here in MO.

Keep hunting hard,